Places and Streets information in Monmouthshire.

Monmouthshire is one of 22 official councilareas of Wales. it consists of Hayesgate, Llanvair Discoed, Pandy, Catbrook, Llansoy, Mamhilad, Norton Skenfrith, Manson, Llandenny, Goytre, Mardy, Wilcrick, Llanllywel, Kingcoed, Monkswood, Trostrey, Llanvair Green, Coed Morgan, Wolvesnewton, Upper Gellifelen. The European divisions of Monmouthshire is UKL21, ISO code is GB-MON.

General Information for Monmouthshire
Name Monmouthshire
NUTS code UKL21
Country Wales

List of Streets in Monmouthshire

Name Post Code
New House Farm NP7 9BW
West End Cottages NP26 3JA
Farm Cottage NP26 3EN
The Stables NP26 5BB
Glen View Farm NP7 9DR
Llangattock Manor NP25 5NQ
Jimcote NP18 1LT
Ty Coch NP7 7LT
Cobblers Cottage NP7 8PE
Dower House NP25 4JG

List of Places in Monmouthshire

Name Post Code Region
Hayesgate NP16 Monmouthshire
Llanvair Discoed NP16 Monmouthshire
Pandy NP7 Monmouthshire
Catbrook NP16 Monmouthshire
Llansoy NP15 Monmouthshire
Mamhilad NP4 Monmouthshire
Norton Skenfrith NP7 Monmouthshire
Manson NP25 Monmouthshire
Llandenny NP15 Monmouthshire
Goytre NP15 Monmouthshire
Mardy NP7 Monmouthshire
Wilcrick NP26 Monmouthshire
Llanllywel NP15 Monmouthshire
Kingcoed NP15 Monmouthshire
Monkswood NP15 Monmouthshire
Trostrey NP15 Monmouthshire
Llanvair Green NP7 Monmouthshire
Coed Morgan NP7 Monmouthshire
Wolvesnewton NP16 Monmouthshire
Upper Gellifelen NP7 Monmouthshire
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