Blackpool, North West England

Districts and Places information in Blackpool.

Blackpool is a county in the North West England of England. Blackpool is composed of 2 geographically different areas, They are Blackpool, Newholme Residential Park.

General Information for Blackpool
Name Blackpool
Region North West England
Country England
ISO 3166-1-2 GB-BPL
European divisions UKD42
Hierarchical codes GB.BP

List of Streets in Blackpool

Name Post Code
Sunnyhurst Avenue FY4 2HP
Kent Road FY1 5HQ
Brockway Avenue FY3 8LA
Newton Drive FY3 8LX
Thames Road FY4 1ED
Warley Road FY1 2RP
Marlhill Road FY3 7TG
Livingstone Road FY1 4BU
Penrose Avenue FY4 4JU
Clifton Street FY1 1JP

List of Places in Blackpool

Name Post Code
Blackpool FY1, FY2, FY3, FY4
Newholme Residential Park FY3
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