County of Herefordshire, West Midlands

Districts and Places information in County of Herefordshire.

County of Herefordshire is a county in the West Midlands of England. County of Herefordshire is composed of 468 geographically different areas, They are Kings Pyon, Wormelow, Weobley, Welsh Newton Common, Orcop, Avenbury, Easthampton, Nash, Eardisley, Whitney-on-Wye, Bridstow, Massington, Hope Mansell, Deerfold, Westhide, Flaggoners Green, Dadnor, Llancloudy, Tillington, Pontshill.

General Information for County of Herefordshire
Name County of Herefordshire
Region West Midlands
Country England
ISO 3166-1-2 GB-HEF
European divisions UKG11
Hierarchical codes GB.HE

List of Streets in County of Herefordshire

Name Post Code
Rosemary SY7 0LR
Linton Wood Meadow HR9 7FU
Rowan Bungalow SY8 4NG
Manor House SY7 0DH
The Vineyard HR3 6DD
Brynhyfryd HR1 3AD
The Pound HR6 0DN
Old School House HR5 3PT
Treville Cottage HR2 9AS
Cagebrook Avenue HR2 7AS

List of Places in County of Herefordshire

Name Post Code
Kings Pyon HR4
Wormelow HR2
Weobley HR4
Welsh Newton Common NP25
Orcop HR2
Avenbury HR7
Easthampton HR6
Nash LD8
Eardisley HR3
Whitney-on-Wye HR3
Bridstow HR9
Massington HR8
Hope Mansell HR9
Deerfold SY7
Westhide HR1
Flaggoners Green HR7
Dadnor HR9
Llancloudy HR2
Tillington HR4
Pontshill HR9
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