Shropshire, West Midlands

Districts and Places information in Shropshire.

Shropshire is a county in the West Midlands of England. Shropshire is composed of 952 geographically different areas, They are Porth-Y-Waen, Lower Upton, Church Stretton, Ashford Bowdler, Ashford, Coton, Arscott, Yeaton Peverey, Sibdon, Beckjay, Whitton, Cound, Stanford, Cound Moor, Nesscliffe, Smethcott, Cleestanton, Seven Wells, Newtown, Whitty Tree.

General Information for Shropshire
Name Shropshire
Region West Midlands
Country England
ISO 3166-1-2 GB-SHR
European divisions UKG22
Hierarchical codes GB.SP

List of Streets in Shropshire

Name Post Code
Inglenook SY4 5RF
Wellwood Close SY3 5BP
Bank Cottage SY5 0NE
St. Annes SY4 5SX
Wenlock Road SY2 6SA
Hawkyard Cottage DY14 8NT
Upper Lake Farm SY5 0AW
Hollyhurst House SY6 7JR
Brookside SY5 8EX
Lower Waen Farm SY10 8JA

List of Places in Shropshire

Name Post Code
Porth-Y-Waen SY10
Lower Upton TF11
Church Stretton SY6
Ashford Bowdler SY8
Ashford TF9
Coton SY13, WV15
Arscott SY5
Yeaton Peverey SY4
Sibdon SY7
Beckjay SY7
Whitton SY8
Cound SY5
Stanford SY5
Cound Moor SY5
Nesscliffe SY4
Smethcott SY6
Cleestanton SY8
Seven Wells SY9
Newtown SY4
Whitty Tree SY7
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