Shropshire, West Midlands

Districts and Places information in Shropshire.

Shropshire is a county in the West Midlands of England. Shropshire is composed of 952 geographically different areas, They are Plowden, Woolstaston, Wytheford, Cantern Bank, Bache, Shelton, Prees Heath, Marchamley, Lockley Wood, Norbury, Kinnerley, Ledwyche, Lostford, Medley Park, Arscott, Craven Arms, Brockton, Marton, Dorrington, Penybryn.

General Information for Shropshire
Name Shropshire
Region West Midlands
Country England
ISO 3166-1-2 GB-SHR
European divisions UKG22
Hierarchical codes GB.SP

List of Streets in Shropshire

Name Post Code
Cinderhill Farm WV16 6RS
The Old Inn WV16 6UF
Trelanon SY10 9QF
The Bungalow SY8 2AQ
Top Cottage SY5 6HF
Whitefriars SY11 2LP
Edgeley Road SY13 4NH
Port Hill Gardens SY3 8SH
The Paddocks SY8 3BP
Springfield SY6 7LL

List of Places in Shropshire

Name Post Code
Plowden SY7
Woolstaston SY6
Wytheford SY4
Cantern Bank WV16
Bache SY7
Shelton SY3
Prees Heath SY13
Marchamley SY4
Lockley Wood TF9
Norbury SY9
Kinnerley SY10
Ledwyche SY8
Lostford TF9
Medley Park SY7
Arscott SY5
Craven Arms SY7
Brockton SY5, SY7, TF11, TF13
Marton SY21, SY4
Dorrington SY5
Penybryn SY11
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