Places and Streets information in Midlothian.

Midlothian is one of 32 official councilareas of Scotland. it consists of Gowkshill, Fala Village, Danderhall, Newbattle, Auchendinny, Dalkeith, Temple, Craigesk, Gorebridge, Easthouses, Whitehill, Rosewell, Dewartown, Lasswade, Woolmet, Bilston, Milton Bridge, Leadburn, North Middleton, Loanhead. The European divisions of Midlothian is UKM23, ISO code is GB-MLN.

General Information for Midlothian
Name Midlothian
NUTS code UKM23
Country Scotland

List of Streets in Midlothian

Name Post Code
Burnbrae Walk EH19 3FP
Newton House Cottage EH22 1SA
Pentland Crescent EH24 9BJ
Westfield Drive EH22 3NS
Glencorse Mains Cottages EH26 0NN
Ancrum Bank EH22 3AY
Whitehouse Way EH23 4FP
Friarton Gardens EH26 9HG
Moorfoot View EH25 9SH
Auld Coal Loan EH19 3RR

List of Places in Midlothian

Name Post Code Region
Gowkshill EH23 Midlothian
Fala Village EH37 Midlothian
Danderhall EH22 Midlothian
Newbattle EH22 Midlothian
Auchendinny EH26 Midlothian
Dalkeith EH22 Midlothian
Temple EH23 Midlothian
Craigesk EH22 Midlothian
Gorebridge EH23 Midlothian
Easthouses EH22 Midlothian
Whitehill EH22 Midlothian
Rosewell EH24 Midlothian
Dewartown EH23 Midlothian
Lasswade EH18 Midlothian
Woolmet EH22 Midlothian
Bilston EH25 Midlothian
Milton Bridge EH26 Midlothian
Leadburn EH46 Midlothian
North Middleton EH23 Midlothian
Loanhead EH20 Midlothian
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