North East Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and the Humber

Districts and Places information in North East Lincolnshire.

North East Lincolnshire is a county in the Yorkshire and the Humber of England. North East Lincolnshire is composed of 31 geographically different areas, They are Little London, Immingham, Scartho, Humberston, Immingham Dock, Beelsby, Scartho Top, Hatcliffe, Old Clee, Great Coates, Grimsby, Waltham, South Humberside Industrial Estate, Irby, Brigsley, Beesby, East Ravendale, Aylesby, Europarc, Barnoldby-Le-Beck.

General Information for North East Lincolnshire
Name North East Lincolnshire
Region Yorkshire and the Humber
Country England
ISO 3166-1-2 GB-NEL
European divisions UKE13
Hierarchical codes GB.NE

List of Streets in North East Lincolnshire

Name Post Code
Carbis Close DN36 4GR
Sherwood Road DN34 5TQ
Brock Close DN33 3RE
Bursar Street DN35 8DT
Harrow Lane DN33 3TQ
Portland Avenue, Portland Manor DN32 0GA
Elizabeth Mews DN31 1AE
Stallingborough Road DN40 1SW
Sunny Corner DN33 2EJ
Salisbury Avenue DN37 0DA

List of Places in North East Lincolnshire

Name Post Code
Little London DN41
Immingham DN40
Scartho DN33
Humberston DN36
Immingham Dock DN40
Beelsby DN37
Scartho Top DN33
Hatcliffe DN37
Old Clee DN32
Great Coates DN37
Grimsby DN31, DN32, DN33, DN34, DN37
Waltham DN37
South Humberside Industrial Estate DN31
Irby DN37
Brigsley DN37
Beesby DN36
East Ravendale DN37
Aylesby DN37
Europarc DN37
Barnoldby-Le-Beck DN37
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